No Getting Out Of School Without A Note

I'm finally in the 12th grade, and I love going to school every day. I'm a very good student, and I've rarely missed any days of school, over the many years that I've been attending. I do enjoy my days off, but I do not interrupt my schooling, because I even do some extra curricular activities, which can help me out in school. Some people think that I'm a nerd, but I love going to school, and it's going to help me prepare for the work I have to do in my future jobs. I've always been a healthy person, until recently.

I was having a heavy menstrual cycle, and it got to the point where I felt weak and tired. This has never happened before, and I don't know why it's happening now. I went to see Dr. Tim, and he stated that nothing was wrong with me, I was just having a heavy cycle. I got to the point where it was getting too bad, and after several days, it still hadn't eased up. I really needed to take some time off school, but I didn't see how this would be possible. My doctor wouldn't excuse me, so what could I do?

I was then informed by my best friend about her mom's way of getting to free herself from work by utilizing a dr. note template for work. She then explained to me that it doesn't necessarily needed for a doctor to issue this but just to get it online. I thought of it as a great plan that can excuse me from being absent at school.

I never thought that someday I will use a fake doctors excuse just to stay away from work. Well, who cares, they are not suffering the pain that I do during my period, right?

In order to miss a day of school, I would have to have a fake  medical note, which would state the reason why I was missing school, and it had to be a credible fake  excuse form I knew they would not accept the excuse that I was having a heavy flow. Many people in the school make excuses to get out of going to class, and they end up getting in trouble, and some have even gotten detention. I'm too good of a student to end up in trouble over this, so I needed a different plan.

I told a friend of mine what was going on, and I told her I really needed Thursday and Friday off, so that my flow would be finished before Monday, and I'd have a four-day weekend. My friend told me about a website where I could find a fake dr note, and I could look at the different templates available. I excitedly went home and checked out the fake dr note website, and I went right to a template that seemed right for me to use. I looked at the sample of a fake note, as well as an example of how to use it.  Anotehr fantastic place to get fake doctors notes is here.